Still from the film Gesloten Deuren. The father is at the head of the table, the mother on the left and Jasper on the right. They are holding their hands in prayer.

12″52 – Dutch

Gesloten Deuren (Closed Doors) is a short fiction film by writer and director Sanne Walet. She had written a script for a school assignment and took it upon herself to turn it into an actual short film.

The film is about Jasper Verstoep, whose little brother, Milan, died in the car accident he and his father survived. Now six years after the accident Jasper has long left his parents home, but returns once a year to remember his younger brother. Something he feels he has to do. Jasper blames his father for the accident and the death of his brother. This year Jaspers patience is running out, he want a confession of guilt. But will he get it?


Jasper: Reno van Rijsewijk
Father: Hans Kiggen
Mother: Thea Fleuren
Young Jasper: Thomas Baselmans
Milan: Morris Thole


Writer & Director: Sanne Walet
Producer: Lauren Walet
Director of Photography: Rowena Golob & Iris Dreesen
Production Design: Céleste Coupez
Editing: Eva Plompen
Sound Design: Andrea de Jonge
Music: Frederik Tings and Kavour S. Christos




Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to this film. Therefore I cannot publish it here. If you wish to see it, you can contact me and I will see if I can arrange it.