Thumbnail for 'Wat we niet wisten over koeien'. Ben is sitting in front of a weird contraption with a satellite on it. He's holding his index finger up, as if to signify 'listen!'.

Dutch – 16″30

Wat we niet wisten over koeien (What We Didn’t Know About Cows) is a short mockumentary by film maker Soner Arslan, who graduated from St. Joost School of Art & Design with this film.

“Ten years ago, Ben discovered that his two cows have a special gift. They amplify alien radio signals. After the great discovery, Ben starts a YouTube channel to document his extraordinary research. Soner is a filmmaker stumbling upon one of Ben’s questionable videos. Is he for real? How scientific is his method? Can I trust a conspiracy theorist? Why is he so certain about something that should be big news? What is the purpose of the cows? ‘What we didn’t know about cows’ is a reflection on filmmaking, online media, and myself.”



Ben van den Berg: Koos Hogeweg
Soner: Soner Arslan



Directed & Written by: Soner Arslan
Produced by: Ton Cox
Cinematography: Jannus Doornhegge
Editing: Eva Plompen
Sound Recording: Pepijn de Bruijn
Grading: Wietse van Bezooijen
Art Direction: Kevin Kessels
Composer: Robert van Andel
Sound Design: Soner Arslan
Sound Mixing: Robert van Andel



Instagram: instagram.com/watwenietwistenoverkoeien
NowShow Graduation Show: https://www.nowshow.nl/class-of-2020/radio-ben/