VAN DER VALK S3E1 (2023)

Still from Van Der Valk S3E1 'Freedom in Amsterdam'. The new crew walks underneath some Southeast Amsterdam-style metro infrastructure towards the camera in a medium wide shot. The characters are, frrom left to right: Eddie Suleman, Citra Li, Lucienne Hassell, Piet van der Valk and Hendrik Davie.

 1h29″ – English

Van Der Valk ‘Freedom in Amsterdam’ is the first episode of the third season of the British detective TV show about Detective Piet van der Valk. The series is a loose remake of the original Van der Valk series that ran from 1972 to 1992. Every episode has a different director and crew; this episode was directed by Michiel van Jaarsveld and edited by Herman P Koerts. I was the sole assistant editor.

In Freedom in Amsterdam freerunner Caspar Yuliani and his girlfriend Marian Segers are about to leave to Paris for a freerunning competition. But before they leave the city, Caspar gets killed behind the wheel. Van der Valk and Lucienne dive into the case and find out Caspar was a part of a group that would rather hide in the shadows.



Main Cast: Marc Warren, Lucienne Hassell, Darrel D’Silva, Azan Ahmed, Django Chan-Reeves
Creator: Chris Murray
Director: Michiel van Jaarsveld
Writer: Maria Ward
Editor: Herman P Koerts, NCE
Assistant editor: Eva Plompen