Still from Vaandeldrager - Rijksmuseum. A black woman with long curls is holding up a phone in front of her face. The background is a dark and warm library. On the phone screen is an image of the painting The Standard Bearer by Rembrandt van Rijn displayed. There are Dutch subtitles saying "Dat is een schilderij van de wereldberoemde schilder Rembrandt."

3″ – Dutch

Vaandelwedstrijd – Rijksmuseum is an educational video, produced by Mals Media, for a competition for elementary school groups 7 and 8 for the promotion of the arrival of Rembrandt van Rijn’s painting Vaandeldrager (The Standard Bearer) at the Rijksmuseum. The competition ran until May 2023.

“You and your class could be the lucky winners and attend a party at the Rijksmuseum! In celebration of Rembrandt’s painting The Standard Bearer, we are organising a standard competition. The winners will be invited to spend an unforgettable day at the museum.”


Presenter: Sosha Duysker
Produced by: Anna Jordans for Mals Media
Editor: Eva Plompen


Competition page on the Rijksmuseum website: