Still from Screw the CIStem. A wide shot of the back of a car in the dark with a graphic 'sticker' design title that says "SCREW THE CISTEM" on top of it. On the sides are various illustrations and below is the text "De VICE gids voor seksuele educatie".

3 x 7″00 – Dutch

Screw The CIStem – de VICE gids voor seksuele educatie (the VICE guide to sexual education) is a three part online documentary series directed by Juul op den Kamp for Vice Nederland. I picked up the project from editor Emma Mandjes halfway through the edit.

Sexual Health and Relationships education in secondary education in the Netherlands is severely lacking. There’s no diversity, no information about sexual identity, gender identity and no knowledge about how varied sexual experience can be. Time for a programme that does satisfy all of our needs. This guide consists of three episodes on three different subjects: Sexual Identity, Gender Identity & Gender Expression, and Sexual Experience.



Director: Juul op den Kamp
Producers: VICE Nederland
Editors: Eva Plompen & Emma Mandjes


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