Thumbnail for Incendios. A wide shot of the two boys on some grass on a small hill. The sky is bright blue.

7″00 – Dutch

After finishing secondary school, two teenage friends hang out in the industrial margins of their rapidly changing hometown. It’s the middle of the summer, the last summer the boys have to explore their relationship before one of them is forced to move away.



Starring: Osei Parris & Dmitri Visser
Written & Directed by: Mateo Vega
Creative Producer & 1st AD: Yannesh Meijman
Cinematography: Sam Broekman
Art Director: Kotryna Buruckaitė
Editor: Eva Plompen
Sound Recording: Sofie van der Meer
Sound Design & Mix: Olmo van Straalen
Original Soundtrack: Romy Day Winkel



Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg – Mo&Friese Kinder Kurzfilm Festival 2021

Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to this film. Therefore I cannot publish it here.
If you wish to see it, you can contact me and I will see if I can arrange it.