Thumbnail for Groei - Suzanne de Jong. Suzanne is standing in front of a microphone singing. She has shoulder length blonde hair, wears a white lacy top and is wearing red lipstick. Behind her is a blue light.

28″07 – Dutch

Groei (Growth) is a 28 minute documentary/digital concert that was part of Suzanne de Jong’s graduation from the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) as a music teacher; her Integrale Eindproductie (IEP). Usually, the students graduate with a live concert but because of the COVID-19 crisis Suzanne had to produce a video version of the concert.

The concert consists of 5 covers of songs and an original composed piece linked together with interviews of Suzanne and her co-students, who reflect on Suzanne’s time during her studies and her growth as a person. It touches on insecurity, self-doubt, boy troubles and ultimately growth and the gaining of confidence as a musician and teacher.

Songs covered are Only In Sleep by Ēriks Ešenvalds, Cherry Wine by Hozier, Let’s Generalize About Men from the tv show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Landslide by Fleetwood Mac and Last Hope by Paramore.



Suzanne de Jong, Romy Holman, Meike Feddema, Laura van Rhee, Joy Jansen, Cleo de Bruijn, Sophie Zondervan, Jay Veldhorst, Doris van Voorst, Job Uitgeest, Axel Blom, Niels Walta, Lars van der Meer, Joachim Grevelink, Roelof ter Poorten, Lucas van den Berg and Robin Meijer.



Concept, directed and produced by Suzanne de Jong
Filmed mainly by Erik van Zoelen and Tijmen de Graaf
Edited by Eva Plompen
Songs produced and mixed by Erik van Zoelen
Materials loaned from Steven Geerts