FOR YOU (2019)

Thumbnail for the commercial For You. A group of dancers are doing a choreography in fancy room. Eden is in the middle with their arms up.

“48 – French – English subtitles

For You is my graduation commercial for the Netherlands Film Academy. It’s a commercial for a non-existing perfume, Révolution by Canal. The cinematographers were in charge of coming up with an idea and getting together a crew. The commercial centers around our non-binary main character Eden. They walk into a party where there’s a clear divide between men and women and decide to liven it up by breaking the barrier between genders using dance. The perfume isn’t for him or for her, it’s for you.




Eden: Rubia Veth
Other dancers: Anne Sophie Medina, Jieon Ko, Brecht Louwerens, Glinshi Biantama, Larissa Koopman, Oliver Wagstaff, Wachi Vong, Amber van Oosterhout, Adair Guijt, Eva Strating & Phabhi Ngo



Creative Direction & Cinematography: Bo Bolderink
Director: Martijn de Vos
Producers: Yasmin van Dorp en Remy Mulder
Choreography: Adam Khazhmuradov
Movement Director: Emma Evelein
Production Design: Nadine Klingen en Noa van Nielen
Editing: Eva Plompen
Sound Design: Camiel Povel
Composer: Nico Maas
VFX Supervisor: Cyriel Verkuijlen

In 2020 there was new music written for the commercial, after which it also received new mixes.
The following people worked on the new mix:

Sound Mixing: Selle Selink
Music: Massive Music