Thumbnail for the film Een klein beetje nog. Elisabeth is sitting in front of her window. The reflection of a pigeon is seen in the window.

29″ – Dutch, English, French, German – English subtitles available

Een Klein Beetje Nog (Just a Little Bit More) is a half hour documentary following Elisabeth Fisher-Spanjer on her way to her 102ndbirthday. While filming the short documentary Elisabeth, the crew got attached to the wonderful woman that is Elisabeth, and we quickly decided tot take it upon ourselves to make a longer documentary about her.

In the days before her 102nd birthday, 101-year old Elisabeth Fisher-Spanjer muses over a century of living. A woman of the world, Elisabeth has always been involved in politics and art, and has seen great parts of the world. Een Klein Beetje Nog is an intimate portrait of a woman who has always tried to live life to the fullest, and is now growing older. But what does it mean to celebrate your 102nd birthday, when the people most important to you are not with you?

The film is available for free streaming on (without subtitles), including an interview with director Hannah van Tassel and producers Yasmin van Dorp and Hester Breunissen.


Poster from the film Een klein beetje nog. Elisabeth is sitting on her couch with her phone in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.



Director: Hannah van Tassel
Producers: Hester Breunissen & Yasmin van Dorp
Cinematography: Jeroen Klokgieters
Editing: Eva Plompen
Sound Recording & Sound Design: Sofie van der Meer
Sound Mixing: Freek Vrijhof
Composer: Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Grading: Qianwei Tong (Captcha!)
VFX & Title Animation: Laurens Vermeulen
Title design: Kim Stasser



Special thanks to Tim Straver for editing the trailer and Andrea de Jonge for its sound design and mixing.