Thumbnail for Cabin ANNA Stay. It's a wide shot of the ANNA STAY cabin. A girl is pushing open the inner layer of the cabin, so the whole inside of the cabin is in the sunlight. It is sunny.

1″06 & 1″05

Cabin ANNA MEET & STAY are two short promo video’s for the project Cabin ANNA® by architect Caspar Schols. There are two different versions of the cabins, MEET and STAY, that both required a seperate promo video.

Enter the world of ANNA®. ANNA® promises a sublime experience where you will find the perfect balance between habitation, nature and people. ANNA® is a moving wooden structure where these three aspects merge. Any weather, mood or occasion, you can simply arrange and rearrange its layers. Thanks to its ability to adapt and change, ANNA® reflects the beautiful changes taking place outdoors. Such as the sun emerging after a torrential rainstorm bathing the living room in light, a flock of swallows swarming above the opened roof, a sudden gust of wind blowing through the dining space, or the ripples of the nearby lake reflecting on the facade to provide dynamic patterns. The cabin is just another organism within the larger eco-system.

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Directed by Jonas Sacks.