Still from experimental film Verbeelding 2. It's a close-up focused on a bed of pink and white roses with a head of a girl laying on top of it. The girl is almost out of frame and the neck is exposed.

2″54 – no dialogue

Verbeelding 2 is an experimental short scene, made as an assignment in my first year at the Netherlands Film Academy. We had to make a very short scene inspired by the movie Tideland, directed by Terry Gilliam. The rules were: no shooting on location and use a considerably amount of VFX and production design (scale models).

The one element of interest we took from Tideland was the idea of a blissful death. Hoping to escape a difficult life by fleeting from it in the most permanent way there is.


Ghislaine Verkerk


Directors: Max Baggerman & Edson da Conceicao
Producer: Tessel Jonkers
Cinematography: Edson da Conceicao
Production Design: Annika Lelieveld
Editing: Eva Plompen
Concept: Elvira Porcedda
Sound Design: Dennis Sanders
Visual Effects: Laurens Vermeulen & Janneke van der Wel
Because it was such a group effort, everyone helped where they could. The credit listed is their main department.

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