Still from the film Nowhere Place. The writer is sitting in front of the typewriter and we are seeing the back of his head and his shoulders.

6″20 – Dutch

Nowhere Place is the only short fiction film I made in my first year at the Netherlands Film Academy. The whole first year was divided into groups, which meant that we did not have a production design student in our crew. We also worked on a tight schedule: one day of shooting and four total days of post-production (editing, sound and visual effects).

The story is about a lonely writer trying to finish his book. After working on it for so long, his own world has shrunk to just his room. But, it’s 1969 and the world is growing bigger. As the first step is being set on the moon, he has to take this last step in writing the last chapter.


Writer: Mathijs Mulder
Girl: Sofie van der Meer


Director: Hannah van Tassel
Scenario: Mathijs Mulder
Producer: Jesse van der Pluijm
Cinematography: Dionne Cats
Sound Design: Sofie van der Meer
Editing: Eva Plompen
Visual Effects & Boom Operator: Koen Olijerhoek

© 2016 AHK/Nederlandse Filmacademie.