Still from the film Ne Me Quitte Pas. Patrick is sitting in front of his desk, calling a client. He is seen from the back.

7″55 – Dutch and French

Ne Me Quitte Pas is a movie shot during the 48 Hour Film Project in Eindhoven. We had to use a character who was a telemarketer, a helmet, the sentence “when you are sweet you get nice things” and the genre period piece. It was written on Friday night, shot on Saturday, edited on Saturday night and Sunday morning, sound edited and mixed on Sunday afternoon and handed in on Sunday night.

The story is about Patrick, a telemarketer who constantly gets hung up on. One time he rings a wrong number and comes in contact with a French woman. Though Patrick’s French isn’t too good he starts talking with her and soon the two start to form a relationship over the phone.

Poster for the film Ne Me Quitte Pas. Patrick is shown from his back, looking at the window, holding an old fashioned phone to his ear.


Patrick: Wietse Walrave
Angelique: Amy Rombout


Director / Writer: Sanne Walet and Nelleke Broeze
Producer: Mitch Biermans, Sanne Walet and Nelleke Broeze
Cinematographer: Rowena Golob
Light: Mitch Biermans
Art Direction: Céleste Coupez
Make-up: Emma-Lee Snell
Sound Recording: Iris Dreesen
Sound Design: Andrea de Jonge
Editing: Eva Plompen
Composer: Kavour S. Christos


Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to this film. Therefore I cannot publish it here. If you wish to see it you can contact me and I will see if I can arrange it.