Still from the film Nachtwerk. Rosa and Herman are in the back room of the butchery. Rosa is seen in the front, blurry, while Herman stands behind her with a bloody apron, menacingly. The room is dimly lit.

Nachtwerk is the first short fiction assignment of my second year at Netherlands Film Academy, and it was the first time that we were actually assigned whole crews. The production design students had to design one set for six different short fiction films. This year, they designed a butchery. The scenario students then had to write their scripts based in that butchery, and so six different stories rolled out.

The story is about a butcher working late at night when his wife comes to visit him. He has been suspecting her of cheating, and this particular evening the tension rises high.


Herman: Vincent Croiset
Rosa: Eva Damen


Writer: Bodil Matheeuwsen
Director: Timo Ottevanger
Producers: Roderik Dekker, Yasmin van Dorp & Wladimir van Heester
Cinematography: Tom Enzler
Production Design: Nadine Klingen & Milou Wegbrans
Editing: Eva Plompen
Sound Design: Björn Hoogland

Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to this film. Therefore I cannot publish it here. If you wish to see it, you can contact me and I will see if I can arrange it.