A collage of three stills of my fiction film work. From left to right: Ningyo; Wat we niet wisten over koeien; Van Binnenuit

Here’s a list with all of the fiction films I have edited.

INCENDIOS (2020) – A short film about two boys and their last summer together. (not yet released)

WAT WE NIET WISTEN OVER KOEIEN (2020) – A short mockumentary film about a man, his cows, and his search for alien life. 

NINGYO (2019) NFA Graduation Film – A short drama about opposites, hate, love, oppression and rebellion. 

VAN BINNENUIT (2018) NFA Year 3 – A short psychological drama about trauma, fear, and self-reflection.

GESLOTEN DEUREN (2017) – A short drama about confrontation, grief and guilt.

GEEN WOORD VOOR ONS (2017) NFA Year 2 – A short drama about the question if a father holds responsibility for its sons actions.

NE ME QUITTE PAS (2016) – A short period drama made for the 48Hour Project Eindhoven about a man overcoming a language barrier to make a connection.

NACHTWERK (2016) NFA Year 2 – A short psychological thriller about a butcher and his woeful marriage with his wife.

NOWHERE PLACE (2016) NFA Year 1 – A short period drama about a lonely writer, set in the late ’60s