A collage of three stills of my documentary film work. From left to right: Een klein beetje nog; Un Chanteur Invisible; Artikel 240.

Here’s a list of all the documentary films I have edited.

UN CHANTEUR INVISIBLE (2019) NFA Graduation Film – About 130 days a year, the unpredictable and cold mistral races through the Provence. He disrupts, challenges, torments, inspires. In search of the mark that this notorious wind leaves in the landscape and in the lives of a number of local residents, the tangible gradually merges with the intangible.

ARTIKEL 240 (2018) NFA Year 3 – A short documentary opening the discussion on pedophelia and virtual childporn as a possible solution.

EEN KLEIN BEETJE NOG (2017) – The longer version of ‘Elisabeth’, in which we learn more about her and count down to her 102nd birthday.

DOOR HET VUUR (2017) NFA Year 2 – A short documentary about the flip side of being a firefighter.

ELISABETH (2016) NFA Year 2 – A short documentary about 101-year-old Elisabeth Fisher-Spanjer.

EEN DONKER UITZICHT (2016) NFA Year 2 – A short experimental documentary about the world shaped within a dark room.